Criminal Litigation

Our lawyers are well equipped and experienced in conducting criminal trials and have represented our clients from trial courts to Supreme Court in criminal matters.

Besides handling and conducting traditional criminal litigation, the Firm has carved out its niche in prosecution and defense of criminal disputes relating to trade marks and copyright law; counterfeit and piracy. Information Technology and cyber crimes; Media and Entertainment; and E-Commerce

Government and Police investigations can be extremely stressful for both organizations and executives and the same is aggravated with investors and customers demanding action along with the fear of personal loss. Senior executives and directors are often unfamiliar with the procedures and intent behind such investigations and even a small step taken during investigation with appropriate legal guidance can have long-term unintended consequences. Our firm understands such complexities and are therefore involved in criminal disputes right from the stage of investigation so as to devise the most effective strategy for the case and to have a strong defense when the case goes to trial.

Our Criminal Litigation Services include:

  • Criminal violations of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Criminal violation of Information Technology Law
  • Criminal violation of Media and Entertainment laws
  • Broadcast and content relation crimes
  • Cyber crimes
  • Drafting and filing Criminal Complaints
  • Advisory and Assistance during investigation
  • Quashing of FIR
  • Criminal Writs
  • Dishonour of Cheques
  • Bail
  • Trial
  • Appeals
  • Revisions