Intellectual Property Rights

Successful businesses are often conceived from a single creative idea: a novel product or process, an innovative brand or a groundbreaking business strategy.  As a fundamental step in the commercial development of an idea, it is essential that inventors explore various intellectual property (IP) issues that are often involved with advancing a concept to the marketplace.

Literati Juris is a highly experienced, full-service, intellectual property law firm that provides legal representation in all aspects of patents, trademarks, copyright and Design law.  Literati Juris prides itself in providing attentive and high-quality legal services in a cost-effective fashion.

We have represented clients in financial services, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, media and broadcasts, music and entertainment, publishing, retailing, foods, automotive, industrial manufacturing, Internet, IT and E-Commerce industries in intellectual property protection, management and enforcement.

Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and due to liberalization of FDI norms, India has become a hot investment hub, both, for domestic and international investors. The continuous flow of investment has fostered an innovation culture among individuals and companies and has encouraged them to file applications for grant of Patents and thereafter commercialize the same.  Over 50,000 applications are filed in India each year with an average surge of 10-15% per annum. These figures reflect a growing interest among the members of trade, industry and general public towards protection of their inventions and has thus created a favorable environment for exploitation of the same via licensing, assignment, transfer of technology, etc.

Patent law in India is governed by Patents Act, 1970 and Patent Rules, 1972. With the advancement of technology and commercial awareness, Patent law in India has evolved and several amendments were made to the said Act and Rules to make it more conducive for inventors. The latest being Patent Amendment Rules, 2016, which introduced expedited system for processing of a patent application and special provisions for Startups.  Recent decisions of Supreme Court and High Courts have played a pivotal role in streamlining procedural and legal aspects of Patent Law in India.

India is a signatory to the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), the Paris Convention and the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), thereby enabling patent holders to protect their rights in multiple countries. India is also recognized as an International Search Authority or International Preliminary Examining Authority.

There are four Indian Patent Offices located in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Indian Patent offices are administered by the Office of Controller of Patents and Designs. Appeals from orders of Controller of Patents & Designs are adjudicated by The Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). Indian Patent Offices profess online/e-filings, user friendly search portals, etc. This has been a very positive step towards encouraging patent filings, technological advancements and growth.

Literati Juris has a team of experts with requisite technical expertise catering to clients across all industries including Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Chemicals, Electronics & Computer Technology, Telecom & Media. Most of our Patent Agents are lawyers with this techno-legal expertise by which we are able to achieve the most desired results for clients.  Our services under Patent law include search and analysis, protection, prosecution, enforcement and commercialization. We also have a well-established international network and associations which enables our Clients to secure and protect their Patents internationally.

Our Patent services include:

  • Comprehensive Prior Art Search
  • Application for grant of Patents (Domestic and National Phase)
  • Prosecution
  • Revocation/Cancellation of Patents
  • PCT Applications and filing
  • Freedom to Operate/ Non-Infringement reports
  • Infringement notices and replies
  • Enforcement and Litigation
  • Portfolio management and maintenance
  • Due Diligence and Advisory.
  • Transactional, assignment and licensing.