Piracy, Investigation and Raid laws

Losses due to Counterfeit products amounts to over Rs.1.05 lakh crores annually. Annual global loss in Media and Entertainment Industry, television and digital sector is USD 52 Billion. We are committed in fighting this menace of piracy and counterfeit products and deliver innovative solutions and results to minimize the loss. We have a team of trained investigators, who carry out focused investigations discreetly and thereafter raid the premises either via court order or by assisting in filing criminal complaints. Further, in relation to film and television sector, we get john doe orders from High Court to get blanket injunction against ISPs and rogue websites before release of the films. Our services include the following

Our Services in Piracy, Investigation and Raid Laws include:

  • Trade Mark and IPR infringement investigations
  • Market survey and research
  • Mystery Purchase
  • Investigation into source of Counterfeit goods
  • Corporate risk management
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Conducting Criminal and Civil raids
  • Getting john doe/ex-parte orders from High Courts